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Top 10 Calmest Dog Breeds to Keep You Company


As is the case with human beings, no two dogs are the same. They arrive in all kinds of shapes and sizes, but they also each have their own unique personality! 

Of course, these personalities vary enormously even within breeds, but there are certain kinds that stand out among the rest.

Dogs bring a huge amount of joy into the lives of pet owners all over the world, but they also have a reputation for being a little boisterous. Unlike their subdued feline rivals, dogs are known for bounding through fields and making quite a lot of noise. This doesn't appeal to everyone.

Luckily, the introduction of a dog into your life doesn't have to disturb your peace. In fact, you might find yourself feeling even more relaxed! 

We have compiled a list of the top ten calm dog breeds, perfect for a more relaxed lifestyle. Sounds good? Read on to find your new best friend. 

1. Pekingese

First on our list of calm dog breeds is the adorably small Pekingese. These companions have their origins in China, where they were specifically bred as loyal members of imperial families. These days, that same loyalty remains strong. Pekingese love nothing more than curling up with their owner, and they love to meet new people. They are as comfortable around multiple people as they are cuddled up on your lap.

This is largely due to their adaptability. They grow accustomed to their surroundings remarkably fast, making them ideal for numerous environments. Due to their calm nature and small stature, they are happiest in homes with teens and adults who share their laid-back temperaments. 

2. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

As far as friendly, calm dogs go, you don't get much better than the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. They are highly affectionate and behave well with just about anybody, including children and other dogs. They are mostly quiet and do not possess the high energy levels of other breeds, which makes them perfect for a slower, more peaceful way of life.

This is largely due to their breeding history. They provide the best of both worlds, with the loving loyalty of a toy breed and the energy levels of a spaniel. Don't let the spaniel in them put you off. These dogs are masters of versatility. They adapt to the owner's lifestyle and make it their own. They are also very easy to train, even from a young age. 

3. Irish Wolfhound

This may appear to be a surprising addition to this list, but Irish Wolfhounds are some of the most relaxed dogs around. Despite their towering appearance (holding the record for the tallest breed), they can easily be described as gentle giants. Their temperament is profoundly sweet, and they are at their happiest when bonding with their owner.

As pets, they are highly eager to please, largely due to their hunting history. Don't worry about their past, they are highly affectionate and family-friendly. In fact, they are notable for being fairly useless guard dogs due to how relaxed they are around strangers. They rarely, if ever, show aggression. If you are looking for a big pet with a bigger heart, this is the one.  

4. Shih Tzu

Similar to the Pekingese, the famous Shih Tzu was specifically bred to be loyal companions. The result is a pooch that loves to be by its owner's side, with quite literally nothing aggressive about them. Children will never be intimidated by a Shih Tzu, making them an ideal pet for the family. 

As a companion breed, one of their most endearing habits is how they will frequently follow members of the family from room to room. As far as calm dog breeds go, the Shih Tzu has definitely earned a spot on our list. You also can't argue with their elegance, which is always a bonus. 

5. English Bulldog

From elegance to…not so elegant, we have the English Bulldog. When it comes to calm dog breeds, they take the cake (sometimes literally). They are widely considered one of the most mellow pets around, rarely making any noise or causing any fuss. They also can't move particularly quickly, so you don't need to worry about them running amuck within your home. 

We can't add them to our list of calm dog breeds without addressing the bulldog in the room — they have a reputation. While their past may be marred with aggression, the present breed we know and love is nothing but gentle and affectionate. 

6. Boerboel

A curveball on our list of calm dog breeds, the Boerboel is often cited for its aptitude as a guard dog. However, aside from this important duty, they also make fantastically affectionate pets. This is especially true for how they react to children, where their playful side really emerges.

They are one of the larger pets available, but they are a loyal companion to the end. They are generally a docile and calm breed, but they can be quite assertive. We mention this dog as a potential middle-ground for you — the perfect mix of energetic and loyal. 

7. St. Bernard

Their iconic appearance alone is enough to endear anyone to this particular dog, but their reputation takes that even further. They are the patron saint of helping lost or injured travelers in Swiss legend, which speaks volumes to their kind demeanor. They are a delightful addition to any family, and similar to the Irish Wolfhound, these pets are the ultimate gentle giant. 

The only aspect of this dog that may cause some trouble is their neediness. They do not enjoy being alone for very long. To get the most out of this companion, you need to spend a lot of quality time with them. Luckily, spending all of your days with a St. Bernard is our idea of paradise.

8. Labrador Retriever

The ever-popular Labrador Retriever has certainly earned its spot on our list of calm dog breeds. Renowned for their friendly disposition, it may come as a surprise to learn that they possess a truly peaceful personality. This unique combination is why they are so often trained to be support animals. They are a welcome addition to any family home. 

9. Greyhound

Their racing reputation may make you assume that greyhounds are boisterous dogs, but the opposite is actually true. They are one of the calmest dog breeds around, rarely ever barking. They aren't going to treat your family home as their personal racecourse, either. 

Greyhounds are often used as therapy dogs or elderly companions, especially in nursing homes. Their friendly, soothing presence makes them ideal for families of all ages.

10. Bergamasco Sheepdog

Last on our list of calm dog breeds, but certainly not least, is the Bergamasco Sheepdog. Don't let their name deceive you. These mop-like pooches are not going to herd up your family before breakfast each morning. Though their stunning hair-do may suggest otherwise, these dogs are surprisingly low-maintenance. They are incredibly healthy, which can be calming in itself. 

They are always eager to please and have a contagiously bright disposition. Despite their working history, the present-day Bergamasco Sheepdog is content to watch over its loved ones and loves nothing more than maintaining a close bond. They require a moderate level of exercise, but this can take on many forms, whether it is a good game of fetch or a leisurely walk through a field.

Remember to Register Your New Best Friend

That completes our list of calm dog breeds. No matter which friendly pooch you decide to invite into your family, if you intend to use them as an emotional support animal, it is important that they are properly registered. 

Browse our website for step-by-step guides on how to complete this, including multiple learning resources on why registration is so important!