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The ESA Registration Of America

How to Pick the Right Name for Your New Best Friend


How to Pick the Right Name for Your New Best Friend

Dogs are more than just pets to most people; they are treasured members of the family. As
much as we’ve written about important things like choosing the right food, picking the right
breed, and training your dog, there’s one aspect of getting a furry member of the family that is
the most personal: picking a name. This is something that most pet owners take seriously
already, and there are a lot of important things to take into consideration. Choosing a name can
be a fun exercise for you and your family. But, like everything else dog-related, there are some
common do’s and don’ts.

First, let’s start with the most obvious – pick a name you actually like! You’re going to be saying
the name multiple times a day, every day so it should be something you feel comfortable with.
Don’t just pick a name that you feel good about in the moment. You might find out a few days,
weeks or months later that the name you thought was trendy or fun is actually not one you
love at all. Instead of choosing too quickly, try a name out for a few days and see how you and
your new dog respond to it.

It’s equally important to pick a name that won’t be too complicated. Try to stick to something
short, just one or two syllables. A short name will be easier for a dog to learn and understand,
and also easier for you to say. Long, complicated names aren’t just hard to say, they make
everything from vet visits to name tags more complicated as well. It’s also a great idea not to
have a name that sounds like command your dog should know. Everyone needs to know how to
command their dog to “sit” but that command becomes a lot harder when your dog is named
“Brit”. Finally, don’t choose a name that might be offensive! This one seems obvious but,
unfortunately, it needs to be said. This is a sensitive area because a name you might think is fun
or funny can be interpreted the wrong way by a lot of people. It’s best to err on the side of
caution and go with a safe name over an edgy one.

Once you’ve eliminated the most difficult or offensive names from your list, there are other
things to account for. It’s never a good idea to go with a name that’s trendy. Like humans,
popular dog names change with the times and it can get very confusing at a dog park or a vet’s
office. We shared some of the most popular dog names for 2019 in another post so be sure to
check that out. A great way to pick a name that’s both easy, functional, and special is to
consider your dog’s appearance and personality. This is really the best way to choose a name
that you’ll always love. If you have a special story about how your dog came into your life, or if
he/she has some unique trait, this is a great way to celebrate that.