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The ESA Registration Of America

National Take Your Dog To Work Day


National Take Your Dog To Work Day

If you have been thinking about finally taking your dog to work, then mark June 21 st on you
calendar. The date is officially “National Take Your Dog to Work” day and it’s a great excuse to
finally pull the trigger on getting your furry friend into the office with you. There are a few great
things about this day. First, you might work in an office that is friendly towards dogs and you’ve
just been too shy to finally take advantage of it. On the other hand, your place of work might
not be so friendly to dogs at all. Or, even more likely, your boss might not even be aware that
dogs can be welcome in the workplace.

Whatever the case, June 21 st is a great day to introduce your dog to work and maybe even start
a conversation with your boss about making it a more regular thing. That being said, taking your
dog to work for the first time isn’t something you can just do without planning. By following
some simple rules, you can ensure that your furry friend’s first foray into your office is smooth
for everyone: you, your pet, and your coworkers.

First, check with your boss ahead of time! Nothing will get you off to a worse start than showing
up with an animal unannounced at your job. Most likely, people will be okay with the proposal
and if you’re even considering this in the first place, you probably already have faith that your
pet is well-socialized. The hardest part of this step may be simply getting up the courage to ask.
The day before you bring your little guy or girl in, make sure you’ve identified a place at or near
your desk where your dog can be comfortable. Get this place set up ahead of time, making sure
there aren’t any electrical cords or other sensitive office equipment in the area. That way, when
you come in, you’re ready to hit the ground running with a comfortable space for your friend.

The day you bring your dog in, don’t just bring your dog! Dogs are creatures of habit and like
routine. A happy dog that feels safe is much less likely to act out and much more likely to be
asked back for a repeat visit. Bring a dog bed or favorite blanket, along with some favorite toys.
This will make him/her feel much more at east in a new environment. You might even want to
consider bringing a crate with you. First, crates may sound inhumane but the right size crate for
the right amount of time can actually be comforting for dogs. It acts as a kind of “den”
environment. Keep in mind, you might not be the only one bringing a dog in this day. If there
are other new dogs around, you’ll want the extra security and comfort of having a crate near
your desk.

It has been shown that bringing dogs to work can improve moral, performance, and overall
happiness of a workforce. At the same time, not all dogs are cut out for office visits. You know
your dog better than anyone, so ask yourself honestly whether your little friend is up to the
experience or not. If all goes well, National Take Your Dog To Work Day could end up being the
start of something really great for you.