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Remembering Bretagne, the Last 9/11 Search Dog


The ESA Registration of America would like to commemorate Bretagne, the last of the 9/11 search and rescue dog who passed away this week.

Bretagne worked  with her handler at Ground Zero for 10 days following the terrorist attacks. The World Trade Center was Bretagne’s first deployment. She was only two years old at the time.

She retired as a disaster search and rescue dog at age 9, but she continued to work as a goodwill ambassador and as a reading assistance dog.

According to Texas A&M University, the dog continued working in Texas with the local fire department after her retirement. She also visited people who were sick, and children in learn-to-read programs.

"Each week she would visit a first grade classroom and listen to young readers, providing a non-judgmental ear and soft paw," Houston's Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department wrote in a statement. "She also visited students with special needs, such as autism. Her calm demeanor a

nd warm heart helped the young and old through their own difficult moments."

On Monday, she was given a "hero's farewell," as CNN puts it.

Firefighters and search and rescue workers lined both sides of the sidewalk, solemnly saluting as Bretagne was carried out of a vehicle and set on the ground for a final slow walk to the animal hospital.

Bretagne, the ESA Registration of America thanks you for your service.