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The ESA Registration Of America

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The ESA Registration Of America

Your Dog at Work: Do’s and Don’ts


Your Dog at Work: Do’s and Don’ts

Society has changed a lot in the last several years when it comes to how they look at dogs in the
workplace. People today are more aware than ever before of service and therapy dogs and the
important role they play in many people’s lives. But it’s not just attitudes towards working dogs
that has changed; dogs of every stripe are becoming more accepted in places that in the past
would have been unimaginable. One of the best outcomes of this shift in attitude is at the
workplace. Not just in stereotypically forward-thinking urban centers, but also in more
traditional locales, dogs are being accepted at work with their owners. There are many great
reasons to bring your dog to work but, like anything involving a pet, there’s a lot you need to
know about how to it safely and responsibly.

Let’s start off by going over some the great benefits of having your dog at work with you. Dogs
have been proven to relieve stress and improve work performance. It can also save a ton on pet
care costs as you don’t have to pay for extra help from a dogwalker or daycare center. But it’s
not just employees that benefit from pets at the office. Dog-friendly offices improve moral as a
whole and actually can help reduce employee turnover. In fact, because dog friendly work
places are so attractive to many employees, it can actually be a factor in helping to attract new
talent as well.

All that being said, if you are considering taking your dog to work or proposing more relaxed
rules for dogs to your boss, you have to consider every angle. It may be hard for dog lovers to
understand, but some people are simply not dog people. In fact, many people have a genuine
fear of dogs or, just challenging, pet allergies. It’s not just some people that don’t like dogs –
some dogs don’t like many people either. If the people and/or dogs in the space can’t get along,
you’re left with a workplace that is distracting, inefficient, and potentially dangerous. That
brings up the most difficult challenge when it comes to dogs in the workplace: legal issues. If
you own a business or are trying to convince your boss to make your workplace dog-friendly, it
is extremely important to talk to a lawyer beforehand to make sure that appropriate insurance
and legal protections are put in place.

Again, as with every big decision that involves dogs, you have to weigh all the information and
make the decision that is best for you and your furry friend. If you’ve done your homework and
decided that this is an option, you should find your work experience changed dramatically. If for
whatever reason, unfortunately, you decide it’s best to keep your friend at home, don’t get too
down. It’s always better for your pet to stay at home than to come with you to a location that
will actually end up causing him/her more stress. And being away from your dog at work might
just make those moments together at the end of the day that much more rewarding.