The ESA Registration Of America

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The ESA Registration Of America

Flying With Your Emotional Support Animal | ESARA

How to Fly with Your Dog

If you have a therapist prescription letter for an Emotional Support Animal (ESA), your pet can legally accompany you in the cabin of an airplane during flights. Your rights are protected by the Air Carriers Access Act since your dog or cat is seen to provide therapeutic value. Still, it’s important to know an airline’s pet travel policy prior to booking travel.

While airlines are required to accommodate ESA’s, each airline may have slightly different rules when it comes to arranging travel for your companion. View each airline’s policy below.


Delta: View policy

ESA’s can travel free of charge with their handler in the cabin of a Delta flight. ESA’s need to be in a kennel, they can sit freely on the cabin floor. When it comes to ESA’s, Delta does require a little more information from the handler. Documentation no more than 1 year old on official letterhead from a licensed health professional is required to book passage for an ESA.

Fly with Your ESA


United: View policy

ESA’s can also travel in the cabin free of charge at United. The same rules on seating apply to ESA’s. It is important to note that anyone traveling with an ESA MUST notify United’s Accessibility Desk (1-800-228-2744) at least 48 hours prior to traveling.

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Southwest: View policy

Handlers of ESA’s must provide additional documentation prior to arriving for their scheduled flight. Specifically, they must provide current documentation no more than one year old, from a licensed mental health professional. This document must clearly state that the passenger suffers from a recognized emotional disability.

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American Airlines: View policy

American Airline’s policy on emotional support animals closely reflects that of the other major airlines. While ESA’s are allowed to ride in the cabin, free of charge, more documentation is required. Specifically, American asks for a supporting document dated within 1 year of the scheduled flight from a licensed mental health professional or medical doctor.

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Alaska Airlines: View policy

ESA’s can travel freely in the cabin of a plane. However, Alaska Airlines requires the same documentation of all other airlines to approve of an ESA in the cabin. The traveller must provide a letter from a licensed medical professional, that is no more than 1 year old at the date of the flight.

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JetBlue: View policy

ESA’s at JetBlue must sit on the lap of their handler, or on the floor below the seat in front of them. However, like every other airline, JetBlue requires the handler of an ESA to also provide documentation, in advance, from a licensed health professional. This documentation must ensure that the traveller has a recognized mental or emotional disorder, and is under the care of the signing physician.

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Spirit Airlines: View policy

Spirit Airline’s ESA guidelines are similar to the other major airlines as well. The same document, given at least 48 hours in advance must be given to the airline. It must be written by a licensed health professional and state clearly that the traveller suffers from a recognized mental or emotional disorder.

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