Nylon Support Dog Leash

ESA Nylon Support Dog LeashESA Nylon Support Dog Leash
Support Dog Leash

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Product Description

This Nylon Support Dog Leash is constructed with HIGH quality nylon and zinc alloy hook, Heavy-duty stitching for lasting quality.

  • 48″ Length
  • Reflective Support Dog Lettering To Easily Help Identify Your Dog From A Distance And At Night
  • Currently Available in RED

Additional Information

Weight8 oz


Product Information

Luckily, emotional support animals do not need to pass any training exams to become certified. However, this means that the responsibility for the ESA’s behavior falls on the handler. The better your emotional support animal behaves, the more places you are free to travel in comfort.

On casual walks through the neighborhood you might not want to bring a lot of ESA identification with you. This heavy-duty 48” nylon leash is reflective and clearly identifies your companion as a support animal and protects you both in low light situations. Despite it’s strength and craftsmanship, this leash only weighs 8 ounces.

Emotional support animals, no matter the species or breed, should always be on a leash. A responsible ESA handler should ensure that their companion is always clearly identified as an emotional support animal and is well behaved in public places like airline terminals or grocery stores.

Despite the fact that emotional support animals are fully protected by both the ACAA and the FHA, most places have rules against animals being off leash. The fact that your animal is certified for emotional support does not mean that you can’t be subjected to fines or lawsuits related to them being off leash.

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Nylon Support Dog Leash

Only $29.99 $19.99