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The ESA Registration is industry leading resource that provides emotional support animal products and evaluation letters for pet owners. Our team of therapists evaluate and prescribe ESA prescription letters for cats and dogs for qualifying candidates.

Our shop has everything an ESA could need, from harnesses, to leashes, to personalized identification cards. You can visit our in-depth FAQ section where you can learn about ESA rights and legal regulations. We take pride in educating the public about rules and regulations impacting emotional support animals.

By registering for our service, you will receive real-time information about any legal changes impacting ESA’s on the state and national level along with promotions, new products, and entertaining content that any pet owner will love.

Meet Our Team

Harold Rayfield


Therapist & Licensed Professional Counselor

Over the years Harold has gained a wealth of therapeutic knowledge in counseling through working with all different types of populations at a number of great therapy groups. He enjoys supporting people and making sure that everyone has access to therapy and mental healthcare.

Harold has experience working with adults, kids, and couples of all ages with a variety of issues that can include mood disorders, conflict, and trauma. For Harold, providing counseling and therapy is not just a job, but it is his purpose and passion.

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