How to Get an ESA Letter in Connecticut: A Complete Guide

Emotional support animals provide numerous benefits that can help you navigate the stresses and challenges of everyday life. The first step to qualifying for a support animal for an emotional or mental health difficulty is to obtain an ESA letter. 

The evaluation letter approves you for an ESA, and Connecticut provides many affordances for people with ESAs. But getting the evaluation letter is a process. 

Read on to find out whether you qualify for an ESA and how to obtain the evaluation letter in Connecticut. It could be your golden ticket to having an ESA that makes life possible where it would otherwise be impossible.

Do You Qualify For An ESA Letter in Connecticut?

To obtain a valid emotional support animal letter in Connecticut, you must attend a live online or in-person consultation with a licensed mental health professional (LMHP).

If this is your first application for an official ESA letter, there can be a worry that your specific problem won’t qualify. In reality, this is quite rare.

Some of the qualifying conditions include:

  • ADHD
  • PTSD
  • Learning difficulties
  • Depression
  • Cognitive disorder
  • Stress
  • Social anxiety
  • Separation anxiety
  • Eating disorders including anorexia and bulimia
  • Bipolar disorder and mood management problems
  • Depression
  • People who suffer from suicidal thoughts or tendencies

If you are not sure you may even qualify for an ESA letter, then have a preliminary conversation with your healthcare professional to put your mind at rest.

The evaluation is concerned not with the origin of the problem or even what it is, but how it makes you feel and behave.

The LMHP will assess your needs and has to categorize your illness or condition within specific parameters. Based on the consultation, the practitioner will assess and confirm your particular difficulties or challenges that warrant an Emotional Support Animal.

Who Can Write an ESA Letter in Connecticut?

An ESA letter in Connecticut can only be written by a qualified mental healthcare professional.

A quick online search will reveal many different organizations offering ESA letters in Connecticut. Ensure you verify the provider if they are not your immediate healthcare professional, especially if you are applying online.

You will be charged a fee for the consultation and the issue of the letter. An authentic ESA letter is only valid for one year, so beware of outfits offering long-term or lifelong letters.

You must renew an ESA letter on an annual basis. This stipulation is in place in case the needs of the person requiring assistance change.

What’s Inside a Connecticut ESA Letter?

You’ll need to obtain an ESA letter written on the official letterhead of the LMHP, who is responsible for issuing it. It must be signed and dated by the healthcare professional.

Details must include the practitioner’s full name and license number plus the state in which the LMHP received their license.

Letters on blank paper or lacking any crucial detail are likely to be rejected as fakes. 

An ESA letter is valid for twelve months from the date of issue. Issuing a new letter requires another assessment, either online or in person. 

The annual issuance is to avoid fraud and protect against people seeking to gain an unfair or financial advantage based on health conditions they no longer have or have never had.

Benefits of Getting an ESA Letter in Connecticut

Besides emotional support, ESAs provide many material benefits, including:

Take Your ESA to Work or College in Connecticut

ESAs can be essential for many people in the workplace or study environments. An official ESA letter will make it easier to raise this with your employer or educational organization and less likely for them to stay no.

Employers in Connecticut are not under any obligation to accept ESAs in the workplace. 

However, an ESA letter can make it possible to avoid ‘that’ difficult conversation of justifying your position and explaining symptoms or a condition that is invisible and private.

Travel Costs

If you regularly travel with your ESA, an official letter can save the headache of constant additional fares for your animal. These soon add up.

Avoid Rental Costs for Your ESA

An ESA letter will open the door to accommodation in Connecticut that does not usually accept animals. However, your ESA must still be well-behaved and not disruptive to other residents if you are on communal premises.

An ESA letter will avoid the extra burden of pet rent and damage deposits usually levied on accommodation that accepts animals.

Emotional Support Animals Laws in Connecticut

Connecticut does not have state-specific laws relating to ESAs

Like many other US states, Connecticut follows federal legislation designed to prevent discrimination based on mental or physical health disabilities and emotional problems.

Legal Definition of an ESA in Connecticut

Federal law recognizes a difference between the concept of ESAs and service animals.

Service animals have a defined status because they undergo training to perform a specific task, like a guide dog for someone with impaired vision.

Emotional Support Animals are not selected and trained to aid in the same way as service animals. However, they impact every area of life, including travel, the workplace, and daily living. 

In Connecticut, ESAs do not have a defined legal status. Still, the state recognizes ESAs as animals that provide therapeutic benefits and support to someone who has an emotional condition or mental disability.

Housing Laws for ESAs in Connecticut

The Fair Housing Act (FHA) covers ESAs in Connecticut.

An official ESA letter will allow your Emotional Support Animal to live with you even in properties that don’t routinely accept pets. Usually, landlords can ban pets in specific accommodations, but ESAs have an exemption.

The Fair Housing Act also includes college or university accommodation, so an ESA can live with you providing you have an official ESA letter. The college or university is not allowed to bar them.

An official letter isn’t a complete green card, however. If the animal is dangerous or disruptive to other residents, the landlord can still refuse them access.

ESAs at Work in Connecticut

The Americans with Disabilities Act regulates animals in the workplace. The ADA allows service dogs in a work environment in Connecticut, but not ESAs.

In reality, however, many employers in Connecticut will allow ESAs to come to work providing the owner has an official ESA letter. Many organizations want to be inclusive, and this is just another example of how they can demonstrate their commitment to equality and employee well-being.

Universities in Connecticut and ESAs

ESA’s in dorm rooms and college campuses have been accepted at schools such as Yale University, Quinnipiac University, Weseleyan University, and University of Connecticut. Students under tremendous stress and pressure have utilized ESA’s to assist them through the difficulties that come with campus life. Social pressures, location change, and university life can introduce difficulties made easier by a support animal.

Airline Transportation in Connecticut for ESAs

The legislation regulating ESAs is the Air Carrier Access Act. Previously, an ESA could travel with you in the cabin, but changes to the act in 2020 put the burden of deciding on accommodations on the airlines. 

The best option is to talk to your airline. Some may allow ESAs in the cabin, but others may have restrictions, such as long flights, comfort breaks, and feeding requirements. 

As with all animals, there are caveats for any airline, including that an airline may bar or prohibit a badly behaved or disruptive animal. 

How to Get An ESA Letter in Connecticut: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Make an Appointment With an LMHP or a Doctor

Book an online or in-person appointment. Make your doctor or LMHP aware of the purpose of the consultation and state that you would like to apply for an official ESA letter.

2. Undergo Formal Assessment

Your doctor or LMHP will assess your mental health and emotional wellbeing. As part of this, it is crucial that you communicate how your ESA would support you in daily living. A meeting must take place with a licensed professional. ESA letter’s that are automatically written without actually having spoken or met with a provider are not legal.

3. Request an Official ESA Letter

When you receive your letter, check it has all the legal requirements. 

The letter should be on your practitioner’s official letterhead and include their license number and the state they initially qualified for their license. It should also be dated.

The letter should identify the recipient and state the need for an ESA.

4. Sign Up for Formal Registration

You do not need to register your ESA, but registration paperwork can make it easier to confirm the animal’s status. It’s safer to carry the registration around to show landlords, restaurant owners, etc. than to risk losing your ESA letter. 

5. Beware of Scams

As ESAs become more commonplace and accepted in American society, more and more organizations are coming forward and offering their services in providing ESA letters.

Understanding what makes an official ESA letter will help protect you from fraudsters. 

Avoid organizations that offer cheap letters without apparent consultation with a medical professional, or the appointment is with someone you cannot verify. 

Using your healthcare provider can offset some of these risks. If they cannot help, then ask them to recommend a qualified LMHP in Connecticut. Alternatively, if you use an online service, verify the LMHP’s credentials.


An official ESA letter will protect your right to privacy and avoid that awkward and invasive conversation about a mental or emotional problem that is invisible. 

With an ESA, you can better navigate unfamiliar or stressful circumstances. Accommodation providers, schools, colleges, and employers will act with some degree of caution when they see an ESA letter. They have a duty of care to protect others and not just you. 

ESAs are becoming more widely accepted and familiar, so there are more ways to qualify for an ESA letter in Connecticut. At ESA Registration of America, we make the process easy. With a vast network of qualified and licensed mental health professionals ready to conduct the assessment in-person or online, you can start your journey to qualifying for an ESA today.