How To Get an ESA Letter in Oklahoma: A Complete Guide

Animal companionship plays a pivotal role in treating people with disabilities such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. 

Getting an emotional support animal in Oklahoma can effectively treat your mental health conditions and help relieve the associated symptoms. 

Before getting an emotional support animal, you must obtain an ESA letter in Oklahoma from a licensed mental health professional who can prescribe them as part of your treatment plan.

Oklahoma offers certain legal protections that help protect you – but only if you have a legitimate ESA letter that proves you need the support. Read on to learn how to get an ESA letter in Oklahoma and the benefits they provide. 

Do You Qualify For An ESA Letter in Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, you must first meet with a licensed therapist or medical practitioner. They’ll evaluate your mental health condition or emotional disability to determine whether you qualify for a help animal

However, requirements for getting an ESA letter in Oklahoma have become increasingly strict, as some people abuse these letters’ mental health component. You may only qualify for an ESA letter if you have specific symptoms that can be treated in the presence of an assisted animal. 

The most common mental health disorders that qualify for an ESA letter are: 

  • Anxiety 
  • Depression 
  • PTSD
  • Bipolar disorder 
  • OCD
  • Grieving over a significant loss of a loved one 
  • Agoraphobia or other phobias 
  • Socially-induced anxiety of stress 

An emotional support animal is recommended for the patient to alleviate symptoms, which typically leads to: 

  • Fewer panic attacks or anxiousness 
  • Lower blood pressure and less stress 
  • Better sleep quality 
  • Increased motivation and sense of purpose 
  • Improved security and comfort 
  • Increased performance in daily tasks 
  • Expanded ability to socialize with others 

Who Can Write an ESA Letter in Oklahoma

Authorized professionals are allowed to write an ESA letter. This typically includes any licensed mental health practitioner that can prescribe an emotional support animal as part of your therapy treatment plan. Think licensed therapists, primary care physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, and general physicians. 

Emotional support animals are treated like prescriptions, intended only for people suffering from a significant mental or emotional impairment affecting their daily lives. Only a healthcare provider can decide whether an ESA would play an effective role in your treatment plan. 

What’s Inside an Oklahoma ESA Letter

Every Oklahoma ESA letter must contain an official letterhead, the practitioner’s name, the practice’s phone number, and the LMHP’s license information, such as their license number, license type, and state-issued. 

The letter must state your medical condition, allowable emotional support animal, and a confirmed mental health condition that falls within the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Additionally, this ESA letter must also provide proof that the condition impairs your daily life functioning.

Benefits of Getting an ESA Letter in Oklahoma

An ESA letter offers federal protection for ESA owners, allowing one to receive reasonable accommodations or improve the chances of employers and businesses allowing your pet inside. 

Beyond the legal benefits, a written letter confirms your right to own an emotional support animal to receive all the health benefits they employ. 

Feeling More Grounded to Reality

In short, an emotional support animal helps you to feel more connected to the world around you. Living a normal life without an ESA can be daunting, whether it’s a fear of socializing or going out in public. Without an ESA letter, you won’t be able to qualify your animal companion as an emotional support animal properly. 

Access a Non-Prescription Treatment 

In our modern world, it’s common for doctors to recommend prescription medications as treatments for mental health conditions. 

However, another common treatment plan is talk therapy – a fantastic non-prescription treatment. Although therapy can be highly beneficial, your therapist may not be available 24/7 – but an emotional support animal is a lower-cost option that’s always around for comfort.

Provides a Reliable Travel Buddy 

While airlines are obligated to accommodate your pet, they are much more likely to do so when you hold an ESA letter. Proper documentation can increase your chances of airlines, hotels, and short-term rentals accepting your pet travel request.

A small tip: it’s best to be upfront about your requests and provide your ESA letter for proof. Many airlines and hotels will generously allow your pet to enter public spaces, so long as they don’t disturb anyone’s peace. 

Manage Feelings of Loneliness 

An emotional support animal provides companionship, especially during moments of loneliness. When renting a home, an ESA letter ensures the solidity of your pet’s place in the home. However, without an ESA letter, landlords can easily deny your pet application – or worse, charge you for pet fees.

Secondly, your ESA will love and support you unconditionally, which goes a long way toward combating feelings of depression and loneliness. This can help improve your mood significantly and may be a stepping stone to overcoming any mental health condition. 

Live a Higher Quality of Life 

Taking care of your emotional support animal encourages you to be more active, and having an active lifestyle promotes overall well-being and happiness. It might just get you out of the house, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors or the company of others – or both! These positive experiences and new opportunities can lead to a better quality of life. Now that we’ve gone over benefits, let’s explore ESA laws in Oklahoma.

Emotional Support Animals Laws in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, all emotional support animal owners must abide by state and federal laws. Here is an overview of the various ESA regulations for employment, travel, housing, and access to public spaces. 


The Fair Housing Act prohibits all housing providers from discriminating against tenants based on color, region, race, and a person’s disability. Landlords must make reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities, such as allowing them to live with their emotional support animals in their homes. The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development classifies emotional support animals as assistance animals, meaning the FHA protects you against potential discrimination. 

Additionally, having an ESA is seen as a necessity for the individual, meaning you would be exempt from pet deposits and fees. This regulation allows tenants with an ESA letter to receive equal housing opportunities. 

However, claiming any pet as an assistance animal is unlawful and illegal. Does this happen? Yes, and a landlord can terminate a lease for any tenant who receives reasonable accommodation by presenting false information. 

You must provide proof and supporting documentation to have your assistance animal covered by the FHA – no ifs, ands, or buts. 


Until recently, ESA owners had the right to bring their furry friend in the main cabin under the Air Carrier Access Act. However, regulatory changes occurred where airlines no longer had to make reasonable accommodations for emotional support animals. Therefore, contacting your airline for approval and necessary documentation is best.

Another travel tip: research the lodging provider’s requirements for pets. While many pet-friendly hotels or short-term rentals allow you to stay with your ESA, others may not be so accommodating. Inquire within.


Unfortunately, no specific law forces employers to accommodate emotional support animals in Oklahoma. It’s up to the company or owner to decide whether they will allow emotional support animals into their establishment. 

However, many offices are increasingly becoming pet-friendly, which bodes well for ESA owners. Since no law requires employers to provide reasonable accommodation, you must follow the various pet policies at your workplace. This answer is not one-size-fits-all.

If your workplace allows pets, you can take your ESA to work. If not, you must request accommodation from your boss, but they have no legal obligation to provide it. 

If allowed, ensure your emotional support animal is potty-trained and well-behaved to prevent potential problems at work. Employers have the right to remove animals that are threatening to others or disrupting the workplace environment. Make sure to take full responsibility and keep your ESA on their best behavior. Your coworkers will appreciate your efforts!

Public Access

In Oklahoma, much like the workplace, no legal protections require businesses to allow your emotional support animal in a store or restaurant. For example, you’ll need to inquire within at a public restaurant, knowing the establishment’s owner has the right to deny your ESA request. If possible, we recommend requesting before your arrival to prevent surprises.

Public access includes parks, restaurants, stores, hotels, houses of worship, government builders, convention centers, theaters, stadiums, and more. 

If the owner allows you to bring your ESA inside, take full responsibility for clean up and control. Remember that any damage your ESA causes will fall under your shoulders, so practice the Golden rule here.

How To Get An ESA Letter in Oklahoma: A Step-by-Step Guide

Getting an ESA Letter in Oklahoma is simple. We’ve laid out a three-step process that lets you quickly qualify for an ESA letter, should you be applicable. 

Step 1: Complete An Initial Assessment 

Begin by answering a few mental health questions to determine how likely you are to qualify for an emotional support animal. 

Step 2: Consult With a Therapist

Complete and sign the consent forms. Then, you can schedule a telehealth or in-person consultation with a licensed mental health professional. During this appointment, the LMHP will ask a series of questions to determine if you have a mental health condition that qualifies for an ESA. 

Step 3: Get Your Emotional Support Animal Letter

At the end of the session, your therapist will inform you if you’re eligible. If you are, they’ll write you an ESA letter for print and use. Now you can use your letter to live with your furry friend without worry! 


If you have a mental or emotional condition that strongly affects your daily life, you may find support and comfort in the form of a pet. Getting an ESA letter gives you legal protection in certain areas and proof that your pet is necessary for your treatment plan. 

Review the qualifications and follow our simple steps to get an official ESA letter in Oklahoma quickly. Once you’ve completed these steps, you can enjoy all the benefits of an emotional support animal.