Obtaining an ESA Letter

Emotional support animals provide an invaluable service to millions of people who suffer from emotional disabilities. We’ve heard from so many people about how they think they would benefit from an ESA, but don’t know where to begin. The first thing to know is that to legally own an ESA, a patient must have gone through an evaluation and get an ESA doctor’s note from a licensed mental health professional. Because people don’t always know how to access a therapist for an emotional support animal letter, we make that service available through our website.

Our simple, 5-step process for obtaining an ESA letter sets you on your way to emotional wellbeing without even having to leave the house. First, you simply choose which letter your lifestyle requires. We offer ESA letters for housing, ESA letters for flying, or a letter that covers both.

Once you’ve chosen which doctor’s letter is right for you, you can easily purchase an assessment through our site.  If you need a note from a doctor urgently, you can even opt to have the letter rushed to you within 48 hours. For some people, this might mean the difference between missing a flight and/or losing an apartment.

After you’ve purchased the letter that works for you, you’ll fill out a brief online therapy assessment. Anyone who receives on ESA doctor’s note will first have to have this form evaluated. Regardless of your personal situation, anyone suffering from emotional distress will be looking at the same ESA letter requirements.

Once you’ve filled out the form, it will be sent to one our licensed mental health professionals for review.  You will then be able to schedule an over-the-phone session with our doctors. They will determine your specific needs and, at their discretion, write a legal prescription for an emotional support animal.

Remember, mental and emotional disabilities take many forms and are not always easily identified by non-professionals. Anxiety, depression, panic attacks, difficulty maintaining relationships, and developing irrational fears are just some of the MANY ways that these disabilities can manifest themselves. It’s important to be as honest with our doctors as you can.

Finally, you will receive a copy of the official ESA letter for housing, flying, or both. This letter can be shown to a landlord or airline to protect your rights as someone who suffers from an emotional disability. It’s really as simple as that! No need to leave the house, schedule an appointment through your healthcare provider, or be grilled face-to-face by a doctor you’ve never met.

No one, let alone someone with emotional or mental health challenges, should be caused stress in the process of getting the help they need. We’ve made the process of obtaining an ESA letter as easy as possible for our clients. You’ll find that with our service, you will be on your way to a happier life in a matter of hours.