The ESA Registration Of America

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The ESA Registration Of America

Emotional Support Animal Harness - What Everyone Should Know


For millions of Americans, emotional support animals (ESAs) help them navigate the world while dealing with emotional and/psychological challenges. These animal companions are not pets – they are certified and protected as a necessary form of treatment for people with a variety of disorders. Emotional support animals can only be prescribed by a certified mental health professional.

On our site, people in need of an ESA can easily and quickly be evaluated and have their animal registered. Because emotional support animals are a daily part of the lives of the people who use them, we also sell a variety of ESA supplies and ESA gear. While it is your right as the handler of an emotional support animal to take him/her with you to a variety of locations, it is important to remember that your animal must still be under your constant control at all times.

With that in mind, perhaps the most important piece of ESA equipment for any handler is the semotional support animal harness. These items ensure that your ESA is under control, safe, and secure at all times.  It’s important that you, as the handler, are aware of how and when to use them. Please note that an emotional support animal harness and emotional support animal vest are the same thing and we will be using both words interchangeably.

First and foremost, when ordering from our website, make sure you choose the right size for your ESA. For your convenience, our harness and vest come in every size from XXS through XL, ensuring that no matter the size of your companion, we have equipment that will fit. Simply measure around the widest part of the ribcage to determine the size of your ESA, and then choose from the chart on our website. Remember, the right harness should be snug enough to fit securely around your ESA.  Too tight, and the animal will be uncomfortable and unable to perform duties. Too loose, and he/she can get free of your control.

Emotional support animals can accompany their handlers in a variety of locales where non-certified animals are not allowed. This includes in airports, in the cabin of airplanes, and even in apartments that don’t normally allow pets. However, when taking your ESA into public, he/she must ALWAYS be under your firm control.  If your ESA is not secured with a harness or leash, officials at airports or other public locations can demand that the animal be removed.

We also strongly encourage handlers to clearly identify their companion as a certified emotional support animal. While not the law, we’ve found that it greatly eases stress when you’re not constantly being asked about your ESA’s status. For this reason, our harness and vest come with available patches that make it clear to anyone what your animal’s role is.

We encourage all our clients, after registering their ESA with us, to make sure they have the proper equipment on hand. Having an emotional support animal harness or vest that properly fits your ESA will not only protect you from potential lawsuits, it will ensure that your companion is comfortable and can stay focused on their job – keeping you healthy!