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The ESA Registration Of America

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The ESA Registration Of America

Facts About Emotional Support Animals | ESARA

10 Amazing Facts About Emotional Support Animals (ESAs)


Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) are animals that provide therapeutic benefits to their owner through affection and companionship!

  1. Any dog can qualify as an ESA in just two easy steps by clicking here!
  2. An ESA may fly in the cabin of a commercial or private airline with their handler and the handler is not required to pay a pet fee!
  3. ESAs are allowed in any housing unit (apartment, house, college dorm, etc.) even if the housing unit is labeled as “no pet housing!”
  4. Unlike Service Dogs, ESAs require no specific animal training! They just need to have a warm heart!
  5. There are no size restrictions to ESA dogs! As long as they are kind and gentle, they will be allowed in any airline and housing unit!
  6. ESAs come in different breeds and animal types and are not just limited to dogs! Rabbits, cats, small pigs, and birds can also qualify to be ESAs!
  7. Having an ESA to pet can help reduce your blood pressure!
  8. ESAs have been proven to help people manage high amounts of stress!
  9. ESAs can help with emotional and psychological conditions such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, and more!
  10. The ESA Registration of America has received hundreds of amazing reviews from people with Emotional Support Animals!

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