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ESA Dog Collar



Product Description


ESA Dog Collar

ESA Dog Collar Product Description

  • Reflective: Includes 3M reflective edges for greater visibility in low light settings
  • Durable: Made of tough rip-stop nylon this collar is made to last for years of support from your ESA
  • Adjustable: Fits a wide range of sizes with well crafted loopholes for the collar to be secured through
  • ESA Red: Properly showcases your animal as an ESA with the accented white lettering on the official ESA red background.

Additional Information

Size (Inches around neck)

XXS: 7-9 inches, XS: 9.5-12 inches, S: 13-15 inches, M: 15.5- 19 inches, L: 20-24 inches, XL:26- 29.5 inches

Product Information

Your emotional support animal is allowed to accompany you in several locations, including airports and in rental units that otherwise don’t allow pets. However, it’s important to remember that your companion must still be under your control at all times. It is your responsibility to ensure that your ESA is given all the opportunity to succeed in his/her task, and isn’t distracted in any way.

Remember, while your emotional support animal is fully protected by federal law, many people simply don’t know the rules surrounding service and emotional support animals. We’ve found that often, simply clearly displaying your animal’s status is enough to avoid unwanted confrontations with well-meaning but uninformed people.

Our Emotional Support Dog collar is as simple as it is effective. Sporting a bright red finish with reflective lettering, your companion is clearly identified as a registered support animal no matter if it’s day or night.

Coming in six sizes, from XXS to XL, our collar is durable enough to last for years, and comfortable enough for any dog. The well-crafted and high quality loopholes make it easy to fit, and the nylon material is strong but soft. It even comes with free shipping for your convenience.

Walking your dog is something that you do every day, so this collar should be an invaluable part of your tool kit as the handler of an emotional support animal. It’s especially useful for short walks around the neighborhood, when putting on the some of the more heavy duty ESA products like patches of vests is simply too much of a hassle.

Important Shipping Information

Regular orders that don't include embroidery will ship in 5-7 business days. Orders that includes embroidery will take 10-14 business days to process and ship. Embroidery orders are not eligible for overnight shipping due to the customization.

Rush Processing/Overnight Shipping is available if needed for only $49.50 and you could have your package in as little as 24 hours. You will be able to add this option when you complete your order.

Rush Processing/Overnight Shipping must be ordered before 9am PST to be received Next Business day Day. Express orders placed after 9am PST will not go out until the next Business Day. Our office is closed on the weekend and Holidays. If order is placed on Friday after cut off time, the order will not go out until Monday.

*PLEASE NOTE* Certain zip codes do not offer overnight service in which case you may receive your express order on the 2nd day. If it is absolutely necessary that you receive it next day, please email us at to make sure your zip code can receive overnight shipping.

Support Dog Collar