The ESA Registration Of America

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The ESA Registration Of America
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Can a Snake Be An Emotional Support Animal? Everything You Need to Know


People tend to confuse emotional support animals and service animals when they talk about what kinds of pets you can register. Maybe you’re here because you’ve heard that only miniature ponies and dogs qualify.

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Can A Bird Be an Emotional Support Animal?


Did you know birds also make excellent emotional support animals? There are a lot of reasons for this, including their intelligence and empathy. Keep reading if you're curious to learn how these feathered friends offer comfort and support.

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Do Employers Have to Allow Emotional Support Animals?


Emotional support animals (ESAs) can be beneficial for people who suffer from mental illnesses or elevated stress or anxiety. Research has shown that companion animals can be quite powerful in helping people to cope with mental health problems

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Can a Cat Be a Service Animal?


Your pet could be an asset to your mental health. How? By registering it and receiving up to date legal info, of course! When registering your pet, the first crucial factor to consider is: What is the definition of a service animal vs other types of support animals?

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Can Therapy Dogs Go Anywhere?


Therapy dogs are a wonderful resource for people struggling with psychological health issues such as depression and anxiety. The 50,000 trained therapy dogs throughout the world provide comfort to people and improve their quality of life.

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