The ESA Registration Of America

Register your dog, cat or other animal, get therapist letters, IDs, vests, & more!

The ESA Registration Of America
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Who Can I Talk to for ESA Legal Advice?


So, you've thought of getting an emotional support animal (ESA). Emotional support animals are for people suffering from mental illness or emotional distress. It's important to know the legal process and rights surrounding your therapy animal. They provide different aid than service animals, however they have their own rights and set of laws that protect them. 

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How Do I Get an Emotional Support Animal (ESA)?


Adopted pets can make amazing Emotional Support Animals. Maybe you already have a beloved animal and would like to get it registered and qualified with a therapist letter?  

No matter your circumstance, you're here because you want to know everything about ESAs (emotional support animals). 

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My Dog Is Very Large. Do Emotional Support Animals Have a Size Limit?


People with a range of emotional or mental conditions can benefit from an ESA. These animals help to accommodate a variety of disabilities and disorders, including anxiety, depression, panic attacks, phobias, or bipolar disorder.

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What Dog Makes the Best Therapy Dog?


Therapy dogs have become a popular and effective way for people with a variety of challenges
to live happy and fulfilling lives. The great thing about therapy dogs is that, unlike service dogs,
there is a much wider variety of breed that can do the job. While service dogs usually assist
people with physical ailments and must be of a certain size and breed, therapy dogs help
people with emotional challenges. For that reason, their main strength is their sensitivity and
let’s be honest, that’s something all dogs have in spades, regardless of breed.

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How to Pick the Right Name for Your New Best Friend


Dogs are more than just pets to most people; they are treasured members of the family. As
much as we’ve written about important things like choosing the right food, picking the right
breed, and training your dog, there’s one aspect of getting a furry member of the family that is
the most personal: picking a name. This is something that most pet owners take seriously
already, and there are a lot of important things to take into consideration. Choosing a name can
be a fun exercise for you and your family. But, like everything else dog-related, there are some
common do’s and don’ts.

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